Italian and European contributions help us support local communities and renew our commitment to the country’s development. The people of Sudan are at the center of our work. We work for them with dedication and determination, we work to deliver better living conditions and provide quality health care and access to education. We aim at providing a better future to the many families currently struggling to see one.

Sudan covers a vast and diverse geographical area and such variety requires that methods of intervention be tailored to the different contexts, in order to enhance aid effectiveness and sustainability in accordance with our guiding principles. The respect of local cultures and the protection of the most vulnerable -particularly children, women, disabled people and those who are denied fundamental human rights – are key values of our work.

We cooperate with Sudanese communities and institutions, even in the most remote areas, to identify needs and address them while strengthening and building the country’s capacity and ownership of its own development.

We contribute to reaching the goals set by the international community through the Millennium Development Goals framework. We collaborate with Italian NGOs and other international organizations to foster harmonization and synergy of interventions with the aim to boost aid effectiveness and avoid duplications.