Life at the curve of the Nile

"It was, gentlemen, after a long absence — seven years to be exact, during which time I was studying in Europe — that I returned to my people.
I learnt much and much passed me by — but that’s another story. The important thing is that I returned with a great yearning for my people in
that small village at the bend of the Nile. For seven years I had longed for them, had dreamed of them, and it was an extraordinary moment when I at last found myself standing amongst them.They rejoiced at having me back and made a great fuss, and it was not long before I felt as though a piece of ice were melting inside of me, as though I were some frozen substance on which the sun had shone — that life warmth of the tribe which I had lost for a time in a land ‘whose fishes die of the cold."

The pubblication “Life at the curve of the Nile” is on line. The theatre workshop has been organized by AICS Khartoum, the Italian Embassy in Khartoum,  the National Sudanese Theatre, theCollege of Drama della locale Univ. UMST, Pav Italian Theatre Association, with the Italian Ministry of Cultural heritage.

The “Community Theatre for Sustainable Development” project has raised our awareness on the benefits of theatre activities for educational purposes and community outreach. Thanks to its close interactions with the beneficiaries, the workshop allowed to convey important educational messages on the main cooperation streams of AICS Khartoum, especially in the health, nutrition, social inclusion, gender equality and migration sector, including on the so-called double absence. The theatrical techniques and methodology applied have fostered a conscious and dynamic learning, as well as a qualitative leap in the beneficiaries’ daily lives through the dissemination of good social practices in all priority sectors of our cooperation in Sudan.


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