head of office

Dear friends,

after five intense and extraordinary years in Jordan, the time has come to start a new chapter in Sudan with AICS Khartoum. I will hold on an important legacy and I will work with the support and of a competent and professional staff.

In a very crucial period for Sudan, both at a political and financial level, AICS Khartoum is committed to contributing to the institutional and social renewal of the country, thanks to a fruitful number of initiatives in sectors of strategic importance for the achievement of the objectives of the 2030 Agenda. As head of a regional office, I will be called to ensure continuity to the interventions implemented and I will have to tackle important commitments: to create a constructive dialogue in Eritrea, to support the most vulnerable populations in Cameroon and Chad suffering the consequences of the protracted crisis in the Lake Chad, implementing new humanitarian aid initiatives in CAR, and consolidate our role in this fragile context.

I believe that any cooperation strategy can work without a full adhesion to partner countries, the Italian diplomacy and to the European Union with whom we are collaborating since many years in implementing EU Trust Fund initiatives and to civil society bodies which represents and important assets of our interventions.

We will continue to strengthen the external relations, support good governance, fill the gaps and support the most vulnerable population– who is always been our priority-  through dialogue and mutual trust, so that the contribution of all is effective and constructive for all.

Grazie! Buon lavoro!