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Press release
30/09/202012129Signature of the Technical Agreement between Italy and UNDP for the project Building Youth Inclusion in Sudan
24/09/2020-Arrival of the humanitarian flight at Khartoum Int. Airport
Visit to DRR (Disaster Risk Disaster) interventions in Mayo funded by Italian Cooperation
05/03/202011192Italian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs inaugurates girls school in Mayo Yarmouk
19/01/202010239Inauguration of the Nutrition Unit at the Gedaref Teaching Hospital
18/01/202011259Inauguration of the Entrepreneurial Hub at Kassala University
01/12/2019-Week of the Italian Language and of the Italian Cuisine in Sudan
30/11/2019-Italy and Sudan together for enterprises with high social impact: the launching of the 2nd MBA in Global Entrepreneurship
17/11/2019-Sudan step up efforts with health partners to fight against child malnutrition
20/10/201910239Inauguration of the Nutrition Unit funded by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation at Teaching Obstetric Hospital in Port Sudan
18/09/2019-The Embassy of Italy in Sudan, the Italian Minister of Cultural Heritage and Activities and the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation on stage with Life at the curve of the Nile inspired by a novel of Tayeb Saleh Season of migration to the North
17/09/2019-Italy and WHO together to tackle malnutrition in Sudan: signature of the technical agreement
19/08/2019-The family health approach in Sudan
23/06/2019-Italy sends a humanitarian flight to support hospitals in Sudan
13/02/201911113Italy and the Ministry Education promote the right of an inclusive education for all
11/02/201911110Italy supports WHO for strengthening the Public Health Security in Sudan, complying to International Health Regulation 2005 (IHR-2005)
27/01/201911113Italy is committed in promoting rights and inclusion of children in street situation in Khartoum
20/12/201811002Italy rehabilitates the shelter managed by the Calcutta Sister in Khartoum
12/12/201811113 & 11098Italy and Sudan celebrate the Disability International Day
10/12/2018-Solidarity and Italian expertise together for the iii week of the Italian Cuisine in the World
02/12/201811677Launching of the programme aimed at enhancing women’s entrepreneurial capacity in Fisheries and Agribusiness in Red Sea State
29/11/201811607Launching of the Project “Protecting and promoting the Sudanese Cultural Heritage in a social development prospective: Rehabilitating the Sudanese National Museum
19/11/201811192Inauguration of the Girls Basic School and vocational training course in Al Yarmouk – Block 7 - Jabal Awlia Locality in Mayo – Khartoum State - funded by Italy in partnership with UNDP and SDDR Commission
15/11/2018SDN11 & SDN13European Union and Italy: Committed to strengthen health and WASH services delivery in Eastern Sudan
30/10/2018-Fight against malnutrition in Sudan: Italy tightens the rows among donors on "scaling up nutrition (sun) project"
29/09/201811113Italy and Sudan together for enterprises with high social impact: the launching of the 1st MBA in Global Entrepreneurship
14/08/201811113 1st meeting of the National Committee of Experts for the elaboration of the Sudan's National Strategy on Gender and Agriculture, Forestry and Animal Resources 2019-2023
02/08/201811188Signature of the technical agreement for the establishment of the Master’s Degree Training Programme in Family Health in the framework of Dictorna initiative
23/07/201811192Graduation Ceremony of 25 beneficiaries who attended peacebuilding and conflict resolution mechanism course
08/07/201811002Signature of the rehabilitation water project contract between Italy and Blue Nile Drinking Water Corporation
29/06/201810894Hand over of the Bangui Complexe Pediatrique from Emergency to Cuamm | ITA
07/05/201811113Launching of the Italian Project TADMEEN – Social Inclusion, Human Capital Development and protection of vulnerable groups within migrants, refugees and host communities
Inauguration of the Semi Intensive Care Unit and Nutritional Ward funded by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation and implemented by the Italian Ong AISPO and the University of Sassari
17/04/201811192The Community Security and Stabilization Programme (C2SP) laying out the first stone of the Girls Basic School in MAYO funded by Italy
03/04/201811002Signature of a Technical Agreement between Italy – Ministry of Planning and Public utilities - Water and Environmental Sanitation – DDR Commission
08/03/201811113International Women's Day in Khartoum
27/02/201811098Lauching of Bridging the Gap
08/02/2018-First Network Donors Meeting of the UN Programme Scaling Up Nutrition - SUN
07/12/2017-II week of Italian cuisine in the world: Street Food in Khartoum