Bahri Teaching Psychiatric Hospital: The head of AICS Khartoum office met the Director

The Head of Office in Khartoum - Michele Morana - visited the "Bahri Teaching Psychiatric Hospital", located in the outskirts of Khartoum. The center is one of the two large health facilities specialized in psychiatric and psychological pathologies with a catchment area of ​​over 10 million people.

The Director of the Hospital illustrated the critical situation of the center, attributable in the first place to the scarcity of financial resources as well as to the lack of qualified personnel (the number of psychiatric operators present throughout the country is heavily deficient) who is in charge of supporting around 250 requests for assistance in day hospital (users made up mostly of young women aged between 14 and 40 years).

The visit allow to focus on the needs to strengthen the network of territorial mental health services, with a view to prevention and early response to emerging needs, first and foremost the exponentially growing cases of addiction to amphetamines and substances. narcotics.

The visit is part of the preparatory phase of the conference "Mental Health and Development Cooperation" that AICS Khartoum is organizing from December 14th to December 16th in Trieste, in collaboration with the ASL 1 Triestina. The conference will be attended by Italian experts and experts from various African countries, in addition to the countries of regional competence of Sudan, Central African Republic, Eritrea, Chad and Cameroon, also from Burkina Faso.

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