Italian Cooperation and the Sudanese National Museum

Sudan has an incredible and diverse cultural heritage, ranging from Neolithic sites of human activity and settlement to historic sites of the 19th and 20th century and today we had the privilege to assist to the moving of a 5 tons statue representing King Tarhaga - also known as Fighter King - discovered in Jabel Barkel at the beginning of last century which clearly represent the “grandeur” of the Kingdom of Kush.

Since the very beginning of the initiative, Italy – together with Sudanese and International partner and stakeholders - has played an active role: an Italian company named ARS Progetti has been awarded for the preliminary design of the design while the restoration of 20 frescos and the training of National Corporation for Antiquities and Museums staff has been completed by an English Italian join venture Opus Conservation e Società Rava e C. S.R.L.

Our common goal is to reopen the museum to the public through the implementation of rehabilitation works, while providing adequate conditions to preserve the heritage and the collections and making them available to the public and playing a fundamental education role.

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