Italy supports Vocational Training Activities for 200 persons with disability in Khartoum

On January 27th, the Federal Minister of Social Security and Welfare H.E Widad Yagoub Ibrahim Osman, the State Minister H.E Ahmad Karrar, the Chairperson of the Sudanese Foundation for Persons with Disability Mr Ali Osman Mohamed Taha, the Ambassador of Italy, H. E Fabrizio Lobasso, the Representative of the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation in Khartoum, Vincenzo Racalbuto, visited the German Center in Khartoum II where almost 65 disables are participating to Vocational Training in Engine maintenance, Car electricity and Computer science.

The courses – lasting 45 days and organised by the Sudanese Foundation for Persons with Disability - are part of the Tadmeen project – funded by AICS – aimed at promoting the social inclusion, protection of vulnerable groups and fostering human capital development. The Representative of the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation in Sudan, Vincenzo Racalbuto, affirmed that AICS is committed in investing in activities enhancing employment opportunities through an inclusive approach. Vocational trainings are important tool for youth development and poverty alleviation, delivered under the human development goal of allowing vulnerable groups to achieve full and productive employment and decent work, and equal pay for work of equal value. More than 200 students are involved in other two centres namely Haj- Youif Centre in Eastren-Nile and Friendship Centre in Ombeda where they undertook courses in other fields such as women skills, conditioning, batteries and puncture and welding, he concluded.

Vocational Training courses are the cornerstone of human resources development as well as a key to address socio-economic issues such as unemployment of youth and socially vulnerable groups, added the Ambassador of Italy, Fabrizio Lobasso. Youth represent the future human capital of society, and investment in youth is an investment in the future even more when we are talking about vulnerable groups. In the light of the important commitment in Sudan, the Ambassador announced the creation of a “Group of Friends of People with Disability” (GoFD), aimed at seeking common ground, share experiences and identify ways to bring about inclusive developments to the concrete benefit of persons with disabilities. The goal - concluded the Ambassador - would be providing a streamlined and continual consultation and sharing mechanism to improve the participation of persons with disabilities in daily life and to guarantee their inclusion in the civil society through the coordination from all sectors

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