Mission in Italy of a sudanese delegation to the Italian Civil Protection – CIMA Reasearch Foundation

A technical visit of a Sudanese delegation took place from 25th until 29th April 2021 to CIMA Research Foundation - Italian Civil Protection. The visit to the Italian High Specialization Center - took place after the second mission of the CIMA Foundation in Sudan - has been focused on defining a new initiative aimed at providing Sudan with an Early-Warning system for the prevention of natural disasters and mitigation of risks resulting from climate change, in particular the consequences on the agricultural sector, in line with the development strategy of DRR implemented by the National Council for Civil Defense (NCCD) in collaboration with the Sudan Survey Authority (SSA) . During the visit, the Italian and Sudanese experts analysed the following topics:
- Methodologies and technologies for disaster prevention according to an Early-Warning approach
- Operating modes of the Italian Civil Protection system
- Development of the DDR Strategy at the national level
- Training on data collection by UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) and adaptation of technical equipment

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