Visit to AICS initiatives in Red Sea State

The visit to AICS activities in the State of the Red Sea, in Port Sudan, took place on January 30th, where the Italian cooperation has been present since 2013 and currently has a 5 million euro portfolio in support for the health sector, the social inclusion and female entrepreneurship sector, to which we can add the new delegated project "WE-RISE!" for microcredit interventions for an amoutn of about 3.5 million.  The visit took place at the Emergency pediatric clinic; to the maternal and child unit of the University hospital of Port Sudan; to the molecular biology laboratory where RT-PCR tests are carried out for COVID 19 diagnosis; at the nutritional clinic; at the histopathology and cytology laboratory; to the department for the care of malnourished children of the pediatric hospital in Port Sudan; to the "Family and Child Protection Unit" under construction; the restructuring of the Dar Mayo clinic and the activities of economic empowerment and the fight against FGM in women's associations and schools.

Great participation of representatives of the Ministry of Social Development, Health and Education, as well as of the undersecretaries of the Council of Minors and the Council of Persons with Disabilities visiting the capital. Although the needs raised during direct exchanges with health personnel and local associations are numerous, AICS interventions respond to the priority needs of the population and Italy's presence in the area is widely recognized.

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