CAR: Supply of urgent medicines and medical products was delivered to the Mama Carla dispensary in Bangui

AICS Office in Bangui has delivered urgent medicines and medical products  to the Mama Carla dispensary - managed by the NGO Amici per il Centrafrica. Over time, the structure has become a point of reference for the population of Bangui and receives an average of 60/70 patients a day in its own clinics, where basic pediatric care is given and patients affected by HIV-SIDA are treated. The main pathologies treated are malnutrition, malaria, intestinal and respiratory infections, fungal infections and dermatitis. The pharmacy inside the dispensary guarantees the appropriate pharmacological treatment and the quality of the drugs supplied.

The activity is realised within the emergency initiative aimed at supporting the health system, agriculture and food security and education of vulnerable population (AID 10894).

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