AICS Bangui supports the Rehabilitation Center for Handicapped Motors

In the framework of the initiative AID 11293 in CAR  “Emergency Initiative to Support the Resilience of the Vulnerable Population of the Central African Republic" the support to the Rehabilitation Center for Handicapped Motors (CRHAM) continues.

AICS Bangui delivered material such as timber, screws, glue, paint and bolts, in order to realise prothesis with the aim of giving the opportunity to disable children to walk again.

Within the same project, AICS supported the delivery of food items (rice, sugar, salt, sardines and oil) to the orphans of the CRAHM maternal school.

The structure, created in 1994, aims to provide assistance and constant health monitoring to people with motor disabilities, with particular attention to the most vulnerable children. CRHAM Center has a laboratory where orthopedic appliances are manufactured such as crutches, walker, and scooter for motor rehabilitation, guardians and prostheses used directly by patients.

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