AICS participates and co-finances the first national conference dedicated to the first 1000 days of the child’s life

AICS participated and co-funded - together with UNICEF ​​- the First National Conference dedicated to the first 1000 days of life of the child, which took place in the presence of the First Lady Widad Babiker Omer. In Sudan, where 2.2 million children under the age of 5 are malnourished, the fight against malnutrition involves international donors and the Sudanese government.
Italy, Donor Convenor of the SUN movement, is at the forefront of humanitarian and development interventions aimed at preventing and combating the serious phenomenon of child malnutrition. In line with the Italian action, the Head of Office Vincenzo Racalbuto recalled the signing of the agreement between AICS and the Department of Nutrition of the Ministry of Health, which took place on July 29th, for the start of data collection using the S3M methodology on the state of malnutrition in the Country. The operational phase of the research that will be launched in October 2018 will give a real picture of the Sudanese situation.


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