Launch of the study report “Female Farmers in Urban Agriculture in Khartoum State. Challenges and Opportunities”

On 18th February 2020 the study report “Female Farmers in Urban Agriculture in Khartoum. Challenges and Opportunities carried out by the Ahfad University for Women with the support of AICS Khartoum was launched at the presence of UNWOMEN, Ministry of Agriculture and FAO.

The report aimed to shed light upon the role that women play in the rural agriculture in Khartoum State and evaluate challenges and opportunities that those women face. The field study was conducted in four localities in Khartoum State by taking a random sample from 400 women farmers from different groups consisting of four different categories: (i) women farmers who practise urban agriculture as farmers; (ii) female wage workers; (iii) women who participate in family farming projects; (iv) women farmers who practise small agricultural investments.

The majority of female farmers in Sudan are informal workers, thus invisible, and represent 80% of the workforce. The study report at issue gives voice to this invisible category, highligthing needs and challenges, especially the exclusion of women from decision-making processes, the physical and economic violence they experience, their inability to have access to credit and the right to property which is particularly discriminatory towards women.

The study report is part of a process of development of a gender and agriculture strategy, started in 2018 and led by the gender unity of the Ministry of Agriculture with the support of AICS.





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