Work in progress for the National Gender and Agriculture Strategy

The Italian Cooperation in Sudan is enthusiastic, in a period of great change, to support and take part in the process of development of the National Gender and Agriculture Strategy, in partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry's Gender Unit.

Agriculture, nutrition, food security and agro-business are central and cross-cutting themes and cross-cutting in the Sudanese agenda, as well as gender equality and women's empowerment.

The message launched by the Director of the Agency on this day of workshop for the development of the Strategy is strong: it is essential to develop the agricultural sector and the production of local cereals such as sorghum. The new Gender and Agriculture Strategy will have to integrate these main themes in connection also with international initiatives such as the SUN movement, in an inclusive process with Sudanese women's associations, local NGOs and the International community.

In this process, AICS is not just a donor, but is ready to work together with Government counterparts, sharing our technical expertise. To the Gender Unit, the Ministry of Agriculture and all the partners, keep up the good work!

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