Fostering a conducive business environment in African frontier markets through development cooperation. The Italian Agency for Development Cooperation and the case of Sudan

Last November 10th and 11th, AICS Khartoum attended the 9th edition of the conference "Southern Africa Europe Ceo Dialogue" organized by The European House – Ambrosetti in Johannesburg. The new call for proposals for profit organization has been presented.
The side event  organized by AICS KHAROUM titled “Fostering a conducive #business #environment in African frontier #markets through #development #cooperation. The Italian Agency for Development Cooperation and the case of Sudan”, has been opened by the Director Luca Maestripieri and tackled the development strategies and the involvement of the private sector in cooperation activities.
Michele Morana, director of AICS Khartoum Office, introduced the works implemented in Sudan by the Italian Cooperation, whereas Francesco De Rosa and Fabio Monni, experts based in Khartoum, focused their intervention on strategies and investment opportunities in the country.
The last panel “Institutional donors and private profit actors in countries in transition: common interests and #investment #opportunities in #Sudan” introduced the investment opportunities in Sudan. African Renaissance Partners - 249 Startup -  DAL Group and CTC Group have participated.

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