First meeting of the National Committee of Experts aimed at defining the National Gender Strategy in the agricultural sector 2019-2023

The first meeting of the National Experts Committee was held at the AICS headquarters in Khartoum to outline the National Gender Strategy in the Agricultural sector 2019-2023 (the so-called National Strategy on Gender and Agriculture, Forestry and Animal Resources 2019-2023) .
The meeting chaired by the gender expert AICS - Carla Pagano - and by the Head of the Gender Unit at the Federal Ministry of Agricultural, Forestry and Animal Resources, was an opportunity to discuss the gender aspects of the food safety sectors, agriculture, forestry, fishing and animal husbandry in Sudan and the challenges that farmers face in urban, semi-urban and rural areas.
The meeting focused on outlining the importance of an intervention to guarantee the rights of the rural population of Sudan, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals and the next National Strategy, which will be completed over the next 9 months.
The intervention is part of the Tadmeen Programme launched by AICS on May 7th.

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