14 scholarships for midwives and nurses of the obstetric teaching hospital of Port Sudan have been granted

The ceremony for the delivery of 14 scholarships for midwives and nurses of the Abstetric Teaching Hospital of Port Sudan took place in Port Sudan in the framework of the initiative AID 10821 “Support for the development of human resources in the health sector of the State of Red Sea” financed by AICS and realized by AISPO and University of Sassari. The fellows will take part in one month of training in the intensive care units, the delivery room and the maternity wards in the Soba Univerity Hospital of Khartoum University.

In line with this activity, another 14 scholarships will be awarded: 3 doctors will attend laboratories at the Mycetoma Research Center of Khartoum and another 3 will attend – by March 2019 – a training course at the laboratories of the University of Sassari.


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