First meeting of the Donor Network of the Scaling Up Nutrition Program – SUN

The first meeting of the Donor Network of the Scaling Up Nutrition - SUN Movement was held at the Headquarters of the Italian Development Cooperation Agency in Khartoum, a global movement born in 2010 to boost the fight against malnutrition, in which the Italy has the role of Donor Convener in Sudan.
Italy will play a crucial role in consolidating the SUN initiative in the country, through regular and effective communication not only between Donors, but also between the various organs of the Movement and the Sudanese institutions. Everything will be turned in the framework of the Strategy and Roadmap (2016-2020) and will contribute to the realization of Objective 2 of the Agenda 2030, namely "Ending hunger, achieving food security, improving food and promoting sustainable agriculture ".

With 2,2 million malnourished children under the age of 5 in Sudan, the mobilization of the SUN Movement is urgently needed to implement effective actions, share common results and mobilize economic resources with particular attention to the primary responsibility of Governments and a Call for better organization of supporting Institutions.
Italy's support of the SUN Movement is part of a wider Aid plan. In particular, AICS has on-going initiatives to support the Sudanese population in the poverty alleviation and nutrition sector for a total of about 12,5 million Euros, both bilaterally and multilaterally, with the active participation of WHO, UNICEF, UNIDO and UNWOMEN.

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