Two new initiatives approved for AICS Khartoum: fighting against malnutrition and resilience

Two new initiatives have been approved last March 29th 2019:

Supporting Slum Upgrading and Resilience in Mayo’s open areas, Khartoum for a total budget of 2.6 M Euro - 1 M Euro of which will be granted to Italian Ngo - aimed at strengthening resilience of the most vulnerable groups of the population living in Mayo - Khartoum, especially the children and the youth, through an integrated strategic intervention combining actions focused on the most critical needs, such as malnutrition and lack of sanitation/hygiene, with community stabilisation, poverty alleviation and migration management interventions.

Reducing malnutrition in Kassala State or a total budget of 2.450 M Euro aimed at fighting the malnutrition in Kassala State with a particular focus on under 5 children, PWL who are among the most vulnerable group exposed to stunting. .

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