23rd July, 2018: Delivery of Diplomas to 25 participants in the “Peace Building and Conflict Resolution” course in Mayo

The ceremony for the delivery of 25 diplomas took place community of Jabel Awlia, in Mayo. The diplomas were distributed to the 17 men and 8 women who took part in the "Peace Building and Conflict Resolution" course organized by the NGO HOPE in the framework of the C2SP project funded by AICS and implemented by UNDP.
The course has trained women and young people on issues such as peaceful coexistence and conflict resolution through the do-no-harm approach that identifies and mitigates the risks of exacerbating conflict and recognizes opportunities to contribute to positive change.

The training course is part of a more ambitious program that involves the entire Mayo area - characterized by a high population density as well as Internally Displaced Persons and refugees - aimed at strengthening the function of the Popular Committee and conducting comprehensive training for the capacity building in project management and monitoring, financial management, vocational training and literacy.
The C2SP program aims to pursue activities aimed at developing peace and social cohesion in the States of Khartoum and Blue Nile, in line with SDG 4 and 8, which promote fair and inclusive education, and lasting inclusive and sustainable growth for all.

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