July 8th, 2018: Signing of the contract between Italy and Blue Nile Drinking Water Corporation for the rehabilitation of the water network at El Roseires

The ceremony for the signing of the contract between the AICS and the Blue Nile Drinking Water Corporation on the supply of hydraulic equipment was carried out on July 8th at the DDR Commission in Khartoum, to ensure the correct implementation of the El Roseires water system in the State of Blue Nile. The event was attended by Vincenzo Racalbuto, Head of Office in AICS Khartoum, Abdulrahman Mohammed, Director of the Blue Nile Drinking Water Corporation, and Salah Altyaib Awad, General Commissioner of the DDR.
The intervention is in line with the SDG 6 aimed at ensuring universal access to safe sources of drinking water and adequate sanitation

The rehabilitation interventions identified are the following:
• Supply and installation of 5 electric pumps;
• Rehabilitation of the city tank;
• Dismantling and rehabilitation of water facilities in the Soba district;
• Supply and installation of 15 valves.

The signing of the contract is part of the Technical Agreement signed last April 2018 between the Ministry of Public Services, the Water and Environmental Sanitation and the DDR Commission, with the aim of ensuring a functional and reliable supply of safe water to the communities of Eddamazin and El Roseries, where the demand for water has increased in the last years to almost 5,000 cubic meters per day.

The Commissioner General of the DDR expressed his appreciation for the excellent Italian competence in the sector, underlining that this project will benefit the communities suffering from water scarcity.
The Minister of Finance and the Minister of Infrastructures thanked Italy for its continued support and renewed the invitation to continue the collaboration to meet the needs of the country.

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