April 3rd, 2018: Signing of the Technical Agreement between Italy – Ministry of Public Services – Water and Environmental Sanitation and the DDR Commission

The signing of the Technical Agreement for the construction of water infrastructures in the Blue Nile State between the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation, represented by its Head of Office Vincenzo Racalbuto, took place today at the Headquarters of the Sudanese Ministry of International Cooperation, with the Minister of Public Services Abdedlmoneim Alnezir and the Commissioner General of the Disarmament and Rehabilitation of former combatants (DDR), General Salah Alyaib.The ceremony was also held in the presence of the Italian Ambassador Fabrizio Lobasso, the Wali of the State of Blue Hussain Yasseen and the Minister of International Cooperation, Idriss Suleman.
The signing of the Agreement - as part of the humanitarian aid initiative funded by AICS - is the first step for the construction of wells and water networks in favour of the communities of Eddamazin and El Roseries, in the State of Blue Nile, which do not currently have access to drinking water.
The aim of this intervention is to ensure the availability and sustainable management of water and sanitary conditions for all, in line with the SGD 6. The initiative concerns a region on its way to complete peace and in which it is possible to increase Italian efforts. Helping the people of Blue Nile will contribute to establishing an environment that is prone to progress and harmony. Water projects will facilitate peace, particularly in high-density pastoral areas. Sudan urgently needs to bridge Sudan's severe water deficit by investments of at least a billion dollars.

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