AICS Khartoum takes part at the EDD 2019 #Think Twice – Address Inequalities

The main focus of the European Development Days 2019 - is Addressing inequalities: Building a world which leaves no one behind in line with the Sustainable Development Goal # 10 aimed at reducing inequalities within nations and the disparities according to the Agenda 2030.

The slogan Leaving No One Behind is one of AICS priority in Sudan.
The action of AICS is aimed at:

1. supporting the institutions in increasing the accessibility of public services;

2. developing  inclusive public policies through capacity building interventions and technical assistance;

3. supporting NGOs and civil society associations, combating the phenomenon of social marginalization and facilitating the process of participation in the life of the community.

AICS presented TADMEEN: TADMEN is about Social Inclusion, Human Capital Development, Protection of Vulnerable Groups within Migrants, Refugees and Host Communities in Sudan. The initiative aims to promote gender equality, social inclusion and protection of children and persons with disabilities to have equal access to goods and services by increasing resilience through activities of poverty reduction, shared prosperity and human rights in line with SDGs #4#5#8#10 for an equitable education, participation, and economic growth. Italy in Sudan implements projects aimed at strengthening resilience of the most vulnerable.

AICS Khartoum projects have been described through the use of a new video technology  which allows every single person to experience a 360° stereoscopic, full body, in motion, immersive experiences for virtual reality.

Wearing the headset, the protagonist can relate with other characters and objects that are an essential part of the story making the content engaging and full of interactions. Movements, gestures, and actions allow us to create effective links between various scenes in the storyline.

This journey around Sudan will last in your memory. This virtual experience will introduce the traveler to a colorful, vibrant, strong and intriguing Sudan.

Coming back from Sudan.... experiences

Minister Sergio Pagano, Deputy General Director DGCS-MAECI

Francesca Folda, Director Global Communication Amani Institute

Officials from ECHO & DEVCO

Olivier Enogo, Director Vox Africa

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