Community Theater in Khartoum: The life at the curve of the Nile

On September 18th in at Rashid Diab Arts Center in Khartoum, the Embassy of Italy in Sudan, the Italian Minister of Cultural Heritage and Activities and the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation, together with PAV, the Sudanese National Theatre and the College of Music and Drama della Sudan University of Science and Technology di Khartoum present the Community Development Theatre Life at the curve of the Nile inspired by a novel of Tayeb Saleh Season of migration to the North.
The goal is – though the Community Theatre - to promote awareness on Italian Cooperation’s priority sectors in Sudan among which
- migration/forced displacement,
- social inclusion
- gender equality and women’s empowerment.
The theater must be used to disseminates messages, sensitize communities about their objective and acting to better their condition. Community theater for sustainable development occurs through the process of using drama and comics to promote developmental values in a given community.
From the ancient times, theater have assumed a considerably potential role as a means employed to stimulate thoughts and to initiate community engagement on issues as diverse as health, education, awareness, ending violence against women and migration while transforming them into actual communicable forms that will help a community re-image its way of life.
The script – adjusted from the original version to nowadays - deals with:
- migration
- gender
Concerning the migration issue, the show is tackling the ‘DOUBLE ABSENCE’ of migrants – their absence within their host society and from their place of origin. This suggests that migration must be constantly legitimated by all concerned, often by economic needs, health or by humanitarian motivations.
Concerning the gender issue, the show is based on three main pillars:
a) the perceptions of European women in foreign societies
b) the FGM
c) the forced marriage
In theater there is a special license: the unsayable can be said, the hidden can be reveled people can cover and discover aspects otherwise overlooked and unknown.


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