Ongoing child protection activities of the TADMEEN Program

The activities to improve the helpline services of the Family and Child Protection Units (FCPU) for children on the move, victims of trafficking and children in street situations in Khartoum are going on.

The Family and Child Protection Units was established as a police department specialized in dealing with cases of violence, neglect and sexual and psychological abuse against children within a system of work based on confidentiality and privacy. The first FCPU was established in Khartoum in January 2007 as specialized police for children based on modern methods and international legal standards.

Through these activities the Child Helpline is upgraded and developed as an Open Source Case Management System that supports reporting and case management of children cases through various channels of communication including calls, SMS and CHAT.

The activities, which are part of the TADMEEN Program, aim to build a more diverse and collaborative Child Helpline and expand its Open Child Services, making documentation accessible to users of the system.

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