The Italian Civil Protection Department in Mayo

From March 1st until March 5th, the CIMA Foundation - Italian Civil Protection Center - has carried out a mission aimed at developing a Disaster risk reduction (DRR) strategy for Mayo.

The specific objective foreseen is to reduce disaster risk and damages caused by disasters by implementing the necessary response interventions before, during, and after the disaster period in a timely manner and with the involvement of all concerned actors, including communities and urban areas, a comprehensive disaster risk management system that concentrates on multi-hazard and multi-sectoral approaches shall be established by moving away from a disaster management system, which mainly focuses on provision of emergency relief assistance.

In particular, the project aims at:

  • slum upgrading actions at community level in order to improve the living existing conditions
  • enhance the capacities of the local authorities to proactively and rapidly help communities cope and be protected in the event of conflict and climate stress
  • support the local authority of Jabel Awlia and Khartoum institutions on strategies, policies, technical and operational issues related to the implementation of the Disaster Risk Management strategy of the Sudanese Government.
  • specific preparedness and early response intervention packages to prevent and mitigate disaster connected to floods and Wash and environmental risks



A day above Mayo: watch the video !

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