The new pavilion for physiotherapy of Fondazione Betlemme in Mouda (Far North Region of Cameroon) is now ready

The new pavilion for physiotherapy of Fondazione Betlemme in Mouda, Far North Region of Cameroon, is now ready. The works have strengthened the potentials of the Fondation Bethléem to offer quality services to its patients thanks to the purchase of medical devices for specialized therapy, skills development of employees, and the provision of equipment for the pavilion reserved to physiotherapy treatments. The Centre has been equipped with state-of-the-art equipment (Tecartherapy, Pressotherapy, Shockwave and Magnetic therapy) located in the pavilion entirely dedicated to the physiotherapy rehabilitation of those patients most in need.

Founded by Father Danilo Fenaroli from PIME, Fondazione Betlemme is committed to fight social exclusion of persons with disabilities, increase life expectancy of orphans and guarantee education and training for children in need, youth not attending school, and persons with disabilities. The Italian Agency for Development Cooperation has been working for years with the Foundation, a unique reality in Far North Cameroon and in the whole region.

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