April 17th, 2018: Laying the foundation stone of the Women’s School in the framework of the UNDP C2SP project

Jabal Awlia is one of the poorest neighbourhoods in Mayo, Khartoum. In the framework of the UNDP C2SP project funded by the Italian Development Cooperation Agency, the foundation stone of the Women's School was laid to consolidate resilience, social cohesion, the creation of job opportunities and the prevention of possible forms of youth "radicalization".
The project involves the construction of a school of eight classes that will be added to the 13 existing classes of the only school in the Al Yarmouk district (Mayo);
Inside, it will be able to host a Community Centre for Women as a meeting point and exchange of know-how for income generating activities that will have a positive impact on the wider community.
The school will guarantee inclusive, fair and quality access, in line with Italy's commitment to pursuing the fourth objective of the Sustainable Development Goals: education for all.
Through this school the Italian Cooperation promotes gender equality and the fight against violent extremism as well as phenomena of possible radicalization among young people, with the support of the Community Management Committee (CMC) established ad hoc within the project. In Mayo Italy also supports the Hospital managed by the NGO Emergency, who strive to prove services for the poorest members of society such as free treatments and contributes to the fight against malnutrition. Where there is need for peace-building, Italy is there and will always be there.

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