October 11th, 2018: AICS Khartoum provides potable water to Al Yarmouk School in Mayo

Within of TADMEEN Programme aimed at supporting the social inclusion, human capital development and protection of vulnerable groups within the migrant, refugee and host communities, AICS Khartoum has rehabilitated the Al Yarmouk School in Mayo with the remaking of the floors, the installation of doors and windows, the installation of a tank for the supply of drinking water, and the distribution of school desks. The school of Al Yarmouk is attended by about 1.800 students distributed in 20 classes (about 100/120 students per class).

Next to the school, the construction of 8 news classrooms, 3 latrines and water points for drinking - by UNDP and SDD Commision in the framework of the C2SP programme funded by Italy - is almost completed. The new school will host a Women Community Center where community members will be able to access a public space to exchange their knowledge and to organize different kind of civic education programmes such as income generation projects and literacy courses that will support the revitalization of the community.
The school of Al Yarmouk is of primary importance as it will be carried out in a neighborhood with a high rate of school non-attendance and dropout, and isolation during the rainy season.


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