September 26th, 2018: Protect patients and colleagues: separate medical waste from urban waste

In the framework of the initiative AID 1821 "Support to the development of human resources in the health sector of the State of Red Sea" financed by AICS and carried out by AISPO and the University of Sassari, the month of September was dedicated to training courses realised at the Maternal Hospital in Port Sudan on hospitals waste management. There were 7 training courses for doctors, nurses, midwives, laboratory workers, security personnel and cleaner for a total of approximatly 80 people.

Objective of the trainings was to increase the awarness on the correct hospitals waste management, in order to minimize the contact of uninfected materials with potential infectious sources and reduce the production of infectious waste, encourage the separation of medical waste and urban waste.

To this end, new waste bins - specially colored so as to be easily identifiable - were purchased. In October a second training will be organized by the Ministry of Health - Red Sea - on the hospital protocol for the management of hospital waste and transport to the area incinerator

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