Nutrition and hygiene campaign in the most vulnerable areas of Khartoum

The nutrition and hygiene campaign was organised by AICS Khartoum - in the framework of the III Week of the Italian Cuisine in the World - with three cooking classes days for mothers in the most vulnerable and isolated areas of Khartoum, Dar El Mustakbel, Mayo and Dar El Salam in Omdurman.

The courses for mothers were based on preparing high nutrient biscuits made with local and affordable products such as sorghum and peanut butter in order to improve the nutritional intake of children during the weaning period. The cooking classes were based on the slogan “Cook Safely, Eat Safely”.

The three days benefited from the support of Ovci who distributed the Kushery – perfect combination of pasta, rice and lentils combining Italian expertise with simple and nutrient food belonging to the Sudanese gastronomic habit – and Oxfam Italia who guarantee lecture on hygiene and food preparation. The cooking classes and the awareness campaign on nutrition and hygiene were organised in line with Italy’s role as Donor Conveners in the UN Scaling Up Nutrition Programme aimed at boosting SDG#3: Good health starts with nutrition. Without regular and nutritious food, humans cannot live, learn, fend off diseases or lead productive lives.

As last year, AICS Khartoum and the Italian Embassy in Sudan have worked together to promote development an Italian excellencies. C

Nutrition and hygiene campaign in Khartoum – December 3rd – 4th – 5th 2018

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